November view from the cockpit (Windows 7 theme)

I'm an early adopter. So as soon as Windows 7 came out I decided to upgrade both my desktop and laptop. So far I've been pretty happy. It's cleaner, simpler, and seems faster. One of the new features I like is the ability to use themes. I'm sure that themes were available in earlier versions, but I never used them. In Windows 7 you can change themes in about two seconds. One of the the reasons I've been doing these "view from the cockpit" posts is because I use the images as my desktop background. I switch to a new image every month, so I thought why not share these images with other people.

This month I am offering my first Windows 7 theme consisting of eight of the very best images from my collection. This theme is called cloudscape. To use this theme on you're Windows 7 computer, just download the themepack to your computer (put it in a folder called my themes). Then doubleclick the file. That's all there is to it.



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