St. Louis Book Signing

I’ve just completed my second book signing. This one was much more successful than my first signing.

There were a couple of differences on this signing. For one, it was in my hometown. So I had an advantage by having friends and family stop by. This time I was near the store entrance as opposed to an area with little traffic. I also brought along some cookies. P1000358_edited1 You can see them here in this picture.  I told one woman who was walking by to have a cookie. She stopped by the table and and picked up a book. "I guess I can have a looky," she said. She misheard me, but she ended up buying a book.

I sold nine books on this stop. Okay, six of those were to people I knew. The computer system at Barnes & Noble doesn’t have to know that. It will show up as a spike in their system. The manager was impressed enough to place an order for more books.

I didn’t get the review I was hoping for in the Post Dispatch. I’m still hoping to get a review in the weeks ahead. I have another signing scheduled on June 23. This is going to be a slide show presentation at the MK library on highway K.

I had my picture taken with a couple of book groupies. P1000357_edited1_3 I promised them that I would put the picture up on my blog.

So what is the verdict on the cookies? I think they’re a good idea. The cookies cost me $3. It gave me an excuse to invite people over. That’s a small investment to get people to stop and talk. I’ll include them on my remaining stops.

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