My Oscar pick

I've finally had a chance to see all five Oscar nominated films. I've read elsewhere that some are saying that there are some weak contenders this year. While that has been in true in years past (Brokeback Mountain, There Will be Blood), my take is totally opposite. I think all five films are strong.

It's interesting to note that two of the nominated films are nonfiction. Frost/Nixon may have been based on a play, but the interviews did take place. And Milk is based on the true story of Harvey Milk. While I liked all three, I don't think either film has a chance of winning.

That leaves Slumdog Millionaire, The Curios Case of Benjamin Button, and The Reader.I thought all three were excellent. My favorite of the three is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.I liked everything about the film. It's the only one of the five that I would pay to see again.

So which one will take home the Oscar? Everyone likes an underdog and Slumdog Millionaire has already taken home a few awards. So I'm going with Slumdog, but I'll be rooting for Benjamin Button.


  1. Hi Emilio,
    Just dropped by to support your blog. Thanks for the reviews and interview. Thanks very much!

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