Why Planes Crash (a clip from the MSNBC documentary)

If you haven’t had a chance to see the MSNBC documentary Why Planes Crash: Brace for Impact, you can watch the entire episode below. I’m on for about ten seconds. For more information be sure to visit 35milesfromshore.com.

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  1. Highly recommend this documentary! Hats off to MSNBC for this incredible re-creation of previous airline accidents. A must see for those interested in the disappearance of the Malaysian flight. Great job as usual, Lester Holt, and thanks to all of the articulate experts, the survivors and the families of some of the victims.


  1. […] In addition to being an author, I am also a professional pilot. I am type rated on the Airbus 320, the same type of aircraft that ended up in the Hudson River, and I wrote a book about the only open-water ditching of a commercial jet. More importantly, I had a web presence.  That web presence led the media to me, which led to media interviews. The same day of the ditching I was contacted by a number of news outlets for my opinion on the ditching. I was interviewed on the Fox show Studio B With Sheppard Smith. I was interviewed by CNN and by a reporter for the New York Daily News. I would eventually take part in an MSNBC documentary called Why Planes Crash. […]

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