The bizarre story of John McAfee

gringoI’ve seen documentaries about innocent people finally freed thanks to new evidence. I’ve seen one documentary where a guilty person is set free, and in his place, an innocent person is sent to prison (See A Murder in the Park). But this is the first documentary I’ve seen with evidence of guilt pointing to an individual who remains free.

This Showtime documentary combines actual footage, interviews, and some reenactments to paint a convincing picture that the rumors concerning John McAfee’s involvement in his neighbor’s murder ring true. Not only do the filmmakers draw a direct line between McAfee and his neighbor’s death, but they also connect McAfee to another murder as well as a rape allegation.

In the film, McAfee boasts how he is a master manipulator of the media. He refuses filmmaker Nanette Burstein’s requests for an interview. But McAfee is not shy of the camera, and there is enough footage of him to make it look like he was a willing participant. His bizarre behavior, deviant sexual tendencies, and over the top ego are all on display.

McAfee’s only claim to fame is the security software that bears his name. What I remember about the software is that it was the first thing I deleted whenever I bought a new computer that came with the software pre-installed.

Had the murder of Greg Faull been investigated properly, there’s little doubt that McAfee would be sitting in a Belize prison right now and not out running around scamming more people. If you pay someone to “rough up” someone, and that someone ends up dead. That makes you guilty of murder. If I were Greg Faull’s father, that civil suit would be on McAfee’s doorstep tomorrow.

Earlier this year McAfee tried a run as a presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. Thankfully he was unsuccessful. I could not imagine having another egomaniac running for president.


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