Every Picture Tells a Story

So my wife and I are out taking the dog for a walk in the park. It’s a nice day and I decide to take my camera along.

I took some pretty good pictures. This is my favorite of the pictures I took.

My wife, who has to be told which buttons to press and given step by step instructions on the operation of the zoom, asks if she can take a few pictures.

Sure, no problem, I say. So I walk her through the intricacies of how to operate the camera. The camera, by the way, is a simple point and shoot digital. Nothing fancy. So we’re approaching this bridge and my wife says turn around and start walking.

Who takes a picture of a subject walking away from the camera? I ask. I may have also made a comment or two about how she doesn’t know anything about photography. But it’s a digital camera, so if she wants to take a picture of me and MJ walking away, why not?

Here’s the picture that she took.  When she showed me the end result, I had to admit that it was a pretty cool picture. The bridge gives the image depth. The tall trees make for an interesting background. And then you have the shadows on the bridge.

Of course we were looking at the image on the tiny screen of the camera, and you really can’t tell until you see it on a larger screen.

Beginners luck, I said. You just happened to get good lighting. She took a few other pictures that we’re pretty good as well.

As we were walking back to the car she said she wanted to get another shot of me and MJ walking away. We were on a paved path. There wasn’t anything about the setting that even remotely looked like it could turn into an interesting photo.

You just like looking at my behind, I told her. So MJ and I started on down the path.

We get to the car and I’m looking at the photo and I point out how bland the background is. She says she was thinking it might look good as a black and white image.

So when we get back to the house I download the pictures and we come to the second picture she took of my backside. See what it looks like in black and white? She says. So I fire up Photoshop and let it do its magic.

Here’s the  black and white photo. Okay, so maybe she does know a good picture opportunity when she sees one.

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