EverythingNonfiction gets a rebranding

I’ve been writing reviews of nonfiction books, films and documentaries for eight-plus years. I average about 25 to 35 visitors a day. Yet in eight years I’ve only managed to attract 61 Facebook followers and 51 Twitter followers. That is downright pitiful. So, I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to get more followers. I have rebranded my site on Facebook and Twitter. Prior to this post, I republished my posts on my personal Twitter account. I now have a new dedicated Twitter account  at twitter.com/booksfilmsdocs. I couldn’t use EverythingNonfiction because it’s too long. In any case, I hope you will add the new Twitter page to your feed.

The main reason I decided to review nonfiction stories is because I am a big fan of nonfiction. I am drawn to stories of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances. I want to be entertained, but I also like to learn something along the way. I still read fiction occasionally, usually it’s based on a recommendation from my wife. She tends to know what kinds of stories I like. Her last recommendation was The Light Between Oceans. I liked that book a lot. Most fiction I read, however, doesn’t grab my attention like a true story. Maybe it’s because I know everything being said is made up. It never happened. The characters aren’t real. The conflicts in the story are fabricated.

Unfortunately, fiction still rules the world of publishing. Fiction books get more attention. They get more reviews. So, this blog was born as an attempt to find like-minded individuals as well as bring more attention to the nonfiction genre. I know I’m not the only fan of nonfiction narratives. For the same reasons, I am drawn to nonfiction films and documentaries. So, why not spread the word on those as well?

I do, however, have another motive. I am an author myself. I have two nonfiction narrative books available in all formats. My guess is that there are readers out there who like the same kinds of books that I like. So they might do a search on Google or Bing and end up reading a review on this site. While here, I have an opportunity to let them know about my books. I don’t push my books. I don’t mention my books in my reviews. But information about my books is here to be discovered. I also occasionally do giveaways and have discounts that I announce on this site.

So here’s to a fresh start. I hope that you will retweet, like, and help in my efforts to spread the word.


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