My 2019 Oscar Picks

Best Picture – The best all around picture for me was Green Book

Green Book

Best Director – Adam Mckay for Vice. I would have nominated the directors of Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Best Actress – I haven’t seen enough of the nominated performances to give an honest pick. Glenn Close was good in The Wife, but that film had some major issues with me. The entire premise of the film makes no sense. So, you’re telling me that women could not succeed in publishing during the timeframe this story took place? And then you’re going to tell me that she let’s her husband take all of the credit for her work? None of it rings true.

Best Actor – Viggo MortensenGreen Book

Best supporting Actress – pass

Best Supporting Actor – Mahershala AliGreen Book

Best original Sceenplay – Nick Vallelonga & Brian Hayes Currie & Peter Farrelly – Green Book

Best Adapted Screenplay – I’ve seen three of the five nominated films. None of those three stand out for me. A Star is Born was entertaining, but the way that whole songs seemed to come out of thin air didn’t work for me.

Best Documentary – I was only able to see two of the five films. I thought Free Solo was very good as was RBG. If I had to pick between the two, I’d go with Free Solo.

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