Review of Frontline’s Bush’s War

Review of Frontline’s Bush’s War Producer Michael Kirk
Rating *****

I was against the war from day one. I never for a minute bought the justification that was put forth by the administration. I never could understand how Congress, Britain, and the Press never questioned the veracity of the many falsehoods that were presented by our President. Before seeing this excellent documentary, I held Bush primarily responsible for the war. I now know that he was but a secondary player.

The war in Iraq can be traced back to three main players: Dick Cheny, Don Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz. The secondary players were George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, George Tenet, and Colin Powel. This documentary painstakingly goes through each player’s contribution in a linear fashion. Watching this film is very much like talking with every author who’s ever written on the subject and having them explain in detail the salient points from each of their books. What easily must have taken years to piece together is presented here in an easily digested five hours.

The first part of the two part series explains how we got into the war. The second part explains the many mistakes that have been made since. The fact that Dick Cheny still won’t admit how wrong he was just demonstrates his arrogance. And Rumsfeld’s complete lack of respect for the Geneva Conventions shows his lack of a moral compass. Many of the people that he claimed were the worse of the worse and were subsequently tortured, were unjustly imprisoned. History will not be kind to any of these people.

If you don’t have the ability to record upcoming showings, click here to view the entire two part series on line. The site also has a wealth of ancillary content.

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