Review of Similar Transactions

Review of Similar Transactions by S.R. Reynolds.
Rating *****

similar-transactionsSimilar Transactions tells the true story of serial rapist Larry Lee Smith, who preyed on adolescent girls. The author, Sasha Reynolds, became interested in learning more about Larry Lee Smith after he became a suspect in the murder of one of her son’s classmates. As the story unfolds, not only do we learn more about Larry Lee and his warped personality, but we also learn about the many missteps in the original missing person investigation.

Relying on Larry Lee’s numerous trials and police reports, the author accurately recreates scenes that involve attempted rapes, actual rapes, and kidnappings.

As it turns out, Larry Lee was one unlucky individual. In one instance, a curious driver who noticed a girl in his rear view mirror kicking and screaming thwarted one of Larry Lee’s attempted rapes and kidnappings. He got twenty years for that incident.

He never planned his attacks. They were all spontaneous decisions based on location and opportunity. The one exception was his niece, whom he started raping when he was a teenager, and she was still in elementary school.

The author paints a detailed picture of Larry Lee Smith, his upbringing, his perverted behavior, his sketchy family history, and his life in and out of prison. I won’t spoil the ending, but rest assured that Larry Lee is unlikely to strike again, and we can all thank author Sasha Reynolds for her part in that outcome.

I read and listened to this title using Whispersync. I was able to finish the book in just two weeks. I found the female narrator’s voice to perfectly fit the material. I  might also add that I purchased both the eBook and audio download for under $10. One last note, this book was independently published. Kudos to the author for sticking with it and getting this story out there. I’m on a similar journey myself.

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  1. Carolyn Hartley says

    Wow if this is Mrs.reynolds ,wow I’m half way threw the book I’m glad to read it ,it took me back as I sit and read each heart still feels some of the pain I went threw back I can’t wait to finish the book thank you so much for what u did ..


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