St. Louis Library Event

Yesterday I was invited to participate in a local author event at the library. It's always good to get out and do some promotion. Below are a few photos taken at the event.


There were some thirty authors at the event. I took this shot when I first got there. As you can see I was tucked away in a back corner, so I moved shortly after taking this picture.


This fuzzy picture was taken by another author I met, Carrie. I'm not sure what happened, but I ended up with a couple of fuzzy photo's and an unintentional movie clip. I'll take responsibility for not setting the camera up properly. But I think there was some operator error involved as well. Now I've been told that I sometimes have a frown in my pictures, but check out the guy behind me.


Anytime you make a sale, consider it a success. 


This is Payton, another happy customer. That's Carrie in the background. I took a picture of her and told her that I'd include it in this blog post. Unfortunately, it came out fuzzy. My bad. But you can read about her YA book at


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