Walter White writes a memoir

A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston
Rating *****

The best films are those that have strong writing, directing, and acting. Of the three, my opinion is that the writing is the most important. A director can’t direct and an actor can’t act without someone first putting the story down on paper. The television series Breaking Bad had all three. It also had great cinematography, soundtrack, and sets. It is the only television series that I have binge watched.

While I knew of the show Malcolm in the Middle, I was not a regular viewer. I do remember Bryan Cranston’s character as the goofy dad. It is a real testament to Bryan Cranston’s acting ability that he could pull off Walter White after doing the part in Malcolm. The best actors can portray a character so convincingly that you never once think about the actual actor. I’ve seen just about every Tom Hanks movie, and I believe him in every single role. Bryan Cranston is in the same league.

Bryan Cranston’s memoir is an entertaining look at the life of an actor. The chapters are short but written in chronological order. The reader follows Bryan Cranston from his first stage plays to his latest films, including his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnston. And of course, there are several chapters related to Breaking Bad.

I laughed out loud numerous times while reading this memoir. I especially liked the story of when he accidentally got vaseline in his eyes during a stage play and how it aided his “mournful delivery.”

You will also enjoy Bryan Cranston’s narration if you get the audiobook.

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