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Are you a fan of EverythingNonfiction.com? Are you a subscriber? Have you liked the EverythingNonfiction Facebook page? Do you follow this site on Twitter? If so, I would like to return the favor by offering the first five people who respond to this post a free copy of the 35 Miles From Shore audiobook on Audible. No strings. Just leave a comment, and I will send you the free download.

You can learn more about this story at www.35milesfromshore.com.



  1. Emillio, I am the hostess for you DEAR Texas interview tomorrow. I am hoping you will find time later today to perhaps chat with me on what you would like to focus on during our discussion. Perhaps you have some standard questions you prefer. Since you have several stories available, you may prefer one over another.

    you can call me at 2142446752

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