All the President’s yes men

A month ago Trump had his first cabinet meeting. The meeting was memorable not for any substance but because of the way each cabinet member took turns heaping praise on their boss. The best president in history. Next we have the new White House Communications chief, Anthony Scaramucci, who takes the term “yes man” to a whole new level. Then yesterday we got to hear from brown-noser Mike Pence. “President Trump’s accomplishments are nothing short of historic,” Pence told an audience of one. Let me see if I got this right. Trump’s accomplishments: Named a new Supreme Court Judge (after they had to change the rules in order to get the votes); withdrew from the Paris climate accord (putting America behind all other nations in green technology); withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (isolating America in trade and technology); add to this a list of meaningless executive orders. Now he is about to create a health care crisis. Did I miss any historic accomplishments?

Next we have Trump yes man Scott Pruitt, who singlehandedly is going about dismantling the EPA and all of the protections that we depend on. Who is his advisors? How about lobbyists for the oil and gas industry. Then there is butt kisser Jeff Sessions, who in a few short months has taken steps to undo years of progress in criminal justice reform. So what does Jeff Sessions do when his King starts to talk badly of him, he clams up and tries to ride out the storm.

Trump supporters talk about his accomplishments in business. Lets take a look at that record: Trump Casinos (bankrupt); Trump University (bankrupt), Trump Shuttle (bankrupt); Trump stock (no longer listed); real estate (lost so much money that banks refused to lend him more). The guy has failed at just about everything he has done. And now he’s our President.

The yes men extend to just about every Republican in Washington. When the Republicans passed their health care bill, the same bill that Trump called mean, there was Paul Ryan and a host of Republican Congressman smiling and back-slapping each other because they passed something that no one likes, not even them. But it pleased their egomaniacal boss.

Here is my assessment after six months of Trump: The President has no clothes.

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