Best of Everything Nonfiction for 2007

First, a few words about this list. I didn’t start this blog until July. So there are a few books and films that I read or saw before I started the blog that warrant mention here but are not reviewed. Secondly, this list contains books, films, and documentaries that I personally saw or read this year. In many cases the actual release date may have been several years earlier as in the case of Jesus Land which was first published in 2005. And while the focus of this blog is nonfiction, I also enjoy plenty of fiction books and films. But in keeping with the focus of the blog I have limited my list to only nonfiction titles. So here is my list of the best nonfiction books, films, and documentaries for 2007. If you saw or read something that you would like to recommend, please do so. Maybe it will make next year’s list.

Best nonfiction books:

A Long Way Gone
Lone Survivor
Jesus Land

Best documentaries

Who Killed The Electric Car?
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Who The #$&% is Jackson Pollock
Shut Up and Sing

Best nonfiction films

Letters From Iwo Jima

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