July 2013 view from the cockpit

My book and documentary project have consumed my time for contributing to this blog. I am too busy to even read anything not related to my project. I have been watching the occasional documentary, some of which I┬áhave reviewed. I’ve also been flying more. I took this image coming back to St. Louis on the […]

October view from the cockpit

It’s been a while since I’ve added any new photos to View From the Cockpit. I plan to add at least one new photo a month. This month’s photo was taken on an early morning departure out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m calling it “Painted Landcape” because it looks to me more like a […]

December view from the cockpit Flying (Windows 7 theme)

This month’s view from the cockpit is another Windows 7 theme. This one is called Flying. To use this theme, click on the image below to download the file. Once the file is downloaded, just double click on the themepack file.

November view from the cockpit (Windows 7 theme)

This month I am offering my first Windows 7 theme consisting of eight of the very best images from my collection. This theme is called cloudscape. To use this theme on you’re Windows 7 computer, just download the themepack to your computer (put it in a folder called my themes). Then doubleclick the file. That’s all there is to it.

October view from the cockpit

Life has kept me away from the cockpit temporarily, so I’ve had to go into my archive to find an imge for this month. This is a pictue of my comunity. I’ll give away an autographed copy of 35 Miles From Shore to the first person who can identify my house in this picture. It’s called “Home.”

September view from the cockpit

This one is called twists and turns. It’s a visual metaphor for a life’s journey.

August View From The Cockpit

Not much hiring going on these days, so while I wait for the turnaround I’ve decided to do some flight instructing just to stay in the loop. It’s been a blast. I’m calling this one “Turning Final.”

July View From The Cockpit

Here’s a picture I took during a training flight. I’m calling it reflections.

June view from the cockpit

Life is full of ups and downs. This image, like my career, represents a new perspective. I call it The View Down Below.

May view from the cockpit

Here’s this month’s view from the cockpit. This one is called “Request deviation left of course.”

April view from the cockpit

I’m calling this picture light and shadow. I did a little tweaking to bring out the contrasts.

March view from the cockpit

Here is my March view from the cockpit. It’s called Skyward.

February view from the cockpit

This month’s image is called moon rise.

January View From the Cockpit

This month’s image is called Burst of Yellow. It was shot in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio. I’ve also included what I think was the best image from last year, which also happened to be the first image posted. It’s called Stormy Weather. All of the images in the View From The Cockpit section of the blog are available as high resolution images. They make great desktop backgrounds.

Vote on your favorite view from the cockpit image

I’ll be coming out with the best of everythingnonfiction for 2008 in January. Here’s your chance to vote on the best image from the view from the cockpit section of the blog. Click on the Flickr badge below to view all seven images posted this year (I didn’t start this section until June).