Congratulations Jessica!

Congratulations to Jessica Watson who yesterday became the youngest person to sail solo around the world. I've been following Jessica's journey since it began and wrote a couple of posts about her on this blog. I expected to hear about her accomplishment on the national news, but I've been pretty busy and might have missed it. In any case, hers is an accomplishment to be proud of. It's also a record that should hold for a while; fellow sailor Abby Sunderland was trying to beat Jessica as the youngest but ran into some problems and had to put into shore. She is continuing her attempt and if she completes it will be the youngest person to make a solo circumnavigation, although with stops and assistance. Jessica's feat was nonstop and unassisted. The picture below is of Jessica and several other solo circumnavigators including the person Jessica beat for the title. I think it's the guy on the far left Mike Perham, but I'm not sure.



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