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Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press written by Brian Knappenberger
Rating *****

Let me start with a brief introduction. This is a review site. Writing helpful reviews takes time. Sometimes my schedule doesn’t permit me the time I need to write a thorough review, even though I saw or read something that I would like to share. So starting with this post I am introducing the #quicktake. A #quicktake will be a review or recommendation that is a bit shorter than my typical reviews.

This documentary is three stories in one. The main story involves the libel trial involving Hulk Hogan against Gawker. I remember watching this as it happened. My initial impression was that Gawker deserved going bankrupt. They put profits and views over an individual’s rights. I still believe that Gawker acted irresponsibly in refusing to simply take down the video, but I no longer feel that they deserved to go out of business over it. I saw a different side of the issue after watching this excellent documentary.

The other two stories deal with attempts by people with money and or power to shape the news to their benefit. There is a fine line between free speech and going too far. In the present context, it means that we have a President who would rather have his Tweets and his own communications department be the only reliable source of news while claiming that everyone else is touting fake news.

This film is available on Netflix.

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