Review of Beyond the Call

Review of Beyond the Call: The true story of one WWII pilot’s covert mission to rescue POWs on the Easter Front written by Lee Trimble.
Rating ***

A good way to understand monumental events like WWII is by reading the personal stories of those who were there. This book tells the story of Robert Trimble, a bomber pilot who helped recently released POWs out of Poland.

Liberated by Russian soldiers, the POWs were left to fend for themselves. Most wandered aimlessly relying on Polish locals for food and shelter. Robert’s job was to find these lost souls and get them on trains and planes for repatriation.

The author, Lee Trimble, is Robert’s son. I found the book engaging in spots and less engaging in others. It wasn’t until the end when Robert attempts to help 400 French women escape Russian held territory that I got lost in the story.

The eBook does contain photos. I would have preferred, however, having the images placed in context. Overall this is a well-written book that should appeal to anyone looking for a little-known aspect of WWII.

This is the third book I have read recently related to B-17 pilots and WWII, though this book had less to do with the B-17. The other two books were Shot Down and Indestructible. Of the three, I would recommend Indestructible.

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