Review of Crazy Love

Review of Crazy Love directed by Dan Klores
Rating ***

This is another review where you can’t say too much without revealing what makes the story interesting. The film revolves around two people: Burt Pugach and Linda Riss. The story begins in 1957 when Burt happens to spot Linda sitting on a bench as he is driving by. It was purely a physical attraction. He knew nothing about her yet became so fixated on the idea of having sex with her that his life from that point on was directed toward obtaining that goal. Linda, on the other hand, was not attracted to Burt. Thus set up the conflict that would intertwine the two even to this day.

Despite the lack of a physical attraction with Burt, Linda agreed to go out with him because of his obvious wealth. He showered her with gifts. Burt was a successful lawyer. He was an ambulance chaser with  dubious ethics. Linda made the mistake of falling for the money and prestige of having a lawyer for a suitor and overlooking Burt’s many faults. Besides the lack of attraction on Linda’s part, there was another problem; Burt was married. Once Linda discovered this fact, she refused to even see Burt unless he got a divorce.

This is where the story turns and Burt’s true character comes to the forefront. He does some things in is quest to get Linda that are so morally wrong that there is no acceptable excuse. He pays dearly for what he does, but his acts are so reprehensible that he can never make amends.

Linda, on the other hand, is guilty of only trying to better herself through marriage rather than making it on her own. She was beautiful. But she was naive and lacked a stable upbringing. Despite her looks, she was still a virgin. Burt found this to be so unbelievable that she eventually had to go to a doctor to prove it.

My personal opinion is that people who make the wrong choices in life end up paying for their indiscretions one way or the other. This is certainly true of Burt and to a much lessor extent of Linda. There is no such thing as love at first sight. There may be lust at first sight, but love is something that takes time to grow.

The twists and turns in this story make it a worthwhile choice. The DVD has limited extras.

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