Gasland: A must see documentary

A review of Gasland written and directed by Josh Fox Rating ***** Remember a while back how outraged we all were over the BP oil spill in the Gulf? What if I were to tell you that there is a much more damaging environmental catastrophe occurring right now in the U.S. that dwarfs the BP […]

Review of The Challenge: Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Salim Hamdan was Osama Bin laden’s personal driver. That was the extent of his involvement in terrorist activities. Yet the government’s position was that he was one of the “worst of the worst” as Dick Cheney was so often quoted as saying when describing the prisoners at Guantanamo. The reality is that Salim was just a family man trying to scratch out a living. He was no more a terrorist than Osama Bin Laden’s food taster. Fortunately for Salim, though, he was assigned two lawyers who actually went to bat for him all the way to the Supreme Court.

Review of Standard Operating Procedure

Everything about this film stands out. If all you had were the interviews with the participants along with the photos they took, you would have a compelling story. But Errol Morris elevates this documentary with visually creative reenactments and a subtle soundtrack that sets the mood. His use of ghost-like images is especially effective.