Review of Touching History

The book is written mostly in the present tense, jumping back and forth between the ground and the numerous aircraft that were still flying as the hijackings were taking place. Lynn expertly portrays the confusion confronting flight crews as they received unprecedented instructions from dispatchers and controllers concerning the closure of airspace and airfields. She describes the panic of FAA and airport managers who unnecessarily evacuated airports and air traffic facilities leaving airplanes still in the air vulnerable to further mishaps.

Review of Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse

The access that Eleanor had to Francis gives this film an edge over similar making of films. You get to see and hear Francis as he struggles with the many obstacles facing him: finances, politics, logistics, etc. I didn’t know, for example, that Francis had his own assets at risk should the film flop.

Review of Chapter 27

The film covers the three days leading up to the murder. Voice over narration is used to convey Chapman’s internal dialogue. It works in this film which is about a solitary man with delusions and paranoia.

Review of The world Without Us

If I’m lucky enough to be among the survivors, I intend to head for Montana. Because the heavily populated areas of the world are not going to recover very quickly. We’ve simply done too much damage. The one place you definitely do not want to be is Houston, Texas. The description of what happens to the oil refineries and pipelines after we’re gone is not a pretty sight.

Review of Escape From the Deep

Just when you thought every story that could have been told about WWII has been told, you find another gem like this.

Review of Jimmy Carter Man From Plains

The title of the book alone is enough to stir up controversy. Most of his critics, however, haven’t read the book. They get hung up on the title and become so inflamed that they can’t contain themselves. But if they would step back and listen (and read) they would see that the book gives both sides of the issue. He condems the violence from Palestine. And the word in the title that angers so many people fits what’s happening. Apartheid is defined as when one group of people forces their influence over another group of people.

Review of The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Michael Pollan takes what could be a dry subject and makes it highly entertaining and informative. This should be required reading by everyone, especially if they work in goverment. Read this book. It will change the way you eat. I’ve already switched from regular eggs to buying only cage free, hormone free, organic eggs.

Review of The Great Debaters

The film fires on all cylinders: great writing, great acting, great direction, and great cinematogrophy. Even the soundtrack is first rate. Yet this film has had only lukewarm success. And that’s a shame. We need more smart films like this and less films about comic book heros and puffed up TV shows.

Review of The Mistress’s Daughter

This is one of those stories that began as an article and was then expanded into book length form. It came across to me as being padded and it’s not that long of a book. There are no chapter breaks. The book is basically broken into two parts: the first part covers the time of the author first learning that her biological mother is looking for her to her mother’s death; the second part of the book deals with the author’s genealogy search for more information about her past.

Review of Deliver Us From Evil

Anyone who is even tangentially aware of this problem knows that it is a situation that has been perpetuated by the church through its indifference and its attempts to solve the issues by transferring the offending priests to other parishes. The lack of accountability is still going on and goes all the way to the Pope, who I didn’t know has been charged with covering up sexual abuse cases.

Review of Money For Nothing

Before I read this book, I had never heard of the lump sum industry. Not being a lottery winner myself might have had something to do with that. You have to win some money before they show up on your radar screen.

Review of My Kid Could Paint That

The controversy at the center of this film is whether or not Marla’s father Mark helped Marla with the paintings either through coaching or by doing some of the paintings himself. The ride that Marla nd her parents go through is a prime example of how our society and the media in general is quick to put people on a pedestal only to take delight in knocking that person back down. But this is not Brittney Spears we’re talking about here, this is a four year old girl.

Review of La Vie en Rose

The screenwriter and director do a commendable job of trying to squeeze in forty-plus years of Edith’s tragic life, but the overall impact for me was that it was a bit disjointed.