Everything The Donner Party

Desperate Passage: The Donner Party by Ethan Rarick Rating ***** When ever I get the opportunity, I like to get totally immersed in a story. This usually involves a story that is told in more than one medium: book, film, or documentary. Two recent examples covered in this blog are the HBO series The Pacific […]

Moneyball: Book vs Film

Moneyball by Michael Lewis  – Rating **** 1/2 Moneyball the film directed by Bennett Miller and written by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Zorkin Rating **** I always enjoy having the option to read a book and then seeing that book come to life in film. This blog is full of examples of this. One that comes to […]

The Best of Everything Nonfiction for 2009

Here is my list of the very best books, films, and documentaries that I’ve seen or read this past year. Only books or films that got a four star rating or higher made the list. Anything getting a five star rating is indicated with an asterisk. The items in this list do not necessarily have to have been released in 2009.

Review of The Bounty

Like most people, my introduction to the story of the Mutiny on the Bounty is from film, specifically the one with Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins (which by the way I have added to my Blockbuster que). I vaguely remember seeing the one with Marlon Brando. The Mel Gibson film is a fair re-enactment that gives equal treatment to both sides of the story. One version is that Bligh was a tyrant who had it coming and that Fletcher Christian had simply had enough. The other version is that Fletcher had overreacted and the mutiny was a spur of the moment decision made under the influence of alcohol. The truth lies somewhere in between.