Unbroken round two

Since ending the Unbroken campaign in January, I’ve seen book sales trickle down to previous levels or 40 to 50 a month. I was liking the 100 books month better. And Laura’s book is kicking butt on all of the best nonfiction lists. And as more people finish reading the book, the larger my potential audience becomes.

Unbroken campaign review

The Unbroken campaign was shut down as planned on January 22 after a two month run. It was a tough decision. I contemplated letting it run a while longer. I won’t have final sales numbers for another few weeks, and even then I won’t have sales figures for the exact period in which the campaign […]

Unbroken campaign all out blitz

As I approach the final three days of the Unbroken Adwords campaign, I made a number of changes that will hopefully drive more sales and give me one last opportunity to make it on to the Amazon book page for Unbroken. While there’s little chance to make it on the regular book page, I might be able to get on the Kindle book page. The Kindle version of 35 Miles From Shore has been in the top one through three position for aviation titles for the past week.

Unbroken Campaign Update

Only two weeks left on the Unbroken campaign. The results thus far have been promising. I sold more books last month than I did for any other month for all of last year. The final total isn’t in, but it was close to 100 books. Once again eBooks out sold print. How much of this […]

Unbroken one month campaign update

It’s been an interesting month. I have made quite a few changes since I started this case study. The biggest change has been a completely redesigned website. More on that later. I won’t have sales data for the first month of the campaign for several weeks. The early indications are that I will have sales […]

Unbroken: best nonfiction I’ve read this year

This book proves to me that publishers and bookstores have it all wrong. They want to pigeon-whole every book into a genre. This book is categorized as a military history book. Okay, so it is. But how about simply calling it nonfiction. How about calling it a true story. Laura’s previous book was Seabiscuit, another great book. She could have found another story to tell about the horse world. Instead, she came across this amazing story and decided to tell it. She’s not a military historian. She’s probably not even a WWII buff. But she knows a good story when she sees one.

Adwords for Authors: A Case Study

The idea for this case study was born in January of 2009. That date may not seem significant to you until I mention the fact that this was the day that USAir Flight 1549 ditched in the Hudson River. The accident was especially significant to me personally because I had written and published a book about a lesser known airline ditching that had occurred in 1970. My book 35 Miles From Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980 tells the true story of the first and only open-water ditching of a commercial jet and the efforts to rescue those who survived.