The reality of reality TV

I’m not a fan of reality TV. But I do occasionally admit to watching it now and then. This weekend while watching football I got into an argument with my wife over reality TV. There’s nothing like playoff football, but those injury time outs and change of possession breaks can take some time. So when those happen I like to see what else is on.

So during one of last weekend’s games I grabbed for the remote. My wife beat me to it.

“I wanna see what’s going on with Real Housewives,” she says. My wife is a Real Housewives fanatic. She would watch a 24 hour marathon without getting up to eat if they had such a thing.

“Come on,” I pleaded. “That’s nothing but a bunch of grown women fighting and acting light teenage girls. Besides, I want to see what’s going on with Alaska Gold Rush.”

Now if you haven’t seen Alaska Gold Rush all I can say is that yes it’s another reality TV show. But it takes place in the Alaska wilderness and the chance to make a million bucks is just a shovel full of dirt away.

“What’s so important about Alaska Gold Rush that you have to see?” My wife asked.

“Dorsey and one of the other miners gets into a fight and they both race to the police station to see who files a claim first. I wanna see what the fight was about.”

That’s when it donned on me. I was berating my wife for wanting to see grown women fight when the truth is I wanted to see two grown men fight.

I never did get to see what the fight was about. But I got to see a showdown in a limousine.

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