Two documentary quick takes

I have two excellent documentaries worth your time.

First up is Three Identical Strangers directed by Tim Wardle.
Rating *****

I got to see this one in the theatre, which I might add was jam packed. This is the story of three identical twins who were separated at birth. Neither the twins nor their adoptive parents knew about each other. The truth only emerged nineteen years later. The whole story of how the three twins were reunited and what happened after they were reunited makes for an interesting story. But the story becomes even more unbelievable as the facts surrounding their separation are revealed. I can’t say too much without giving things away. Let’s just say that things don’t turn out like you might expect.

Second up is the Netflix documentary The Bleeding Edge
Rating *****

This documentary is a detailed look at the medical devices industry. The filmmakers do an admirable job of presenting a balanced film. They show how the medical device industry has revolutionized medicine, benefitting thousands of patients. But they also show the downside to an industry where profits and political maneuvering outweigh the benefits. I don’t want to get political in this review, but for everyone out there who thinks that regulations are a hindrance to business, you need to see this film. There are very good reasons why we have regulations to protect consumers. This film shows what can happen when you let industry govern themselves. My advice, don’t let anyone put a foreign object in your body without doing as much research as you can.


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