Wing Chun Kung Fu and the Internet

One of the great things about having a blog like this is knowing that there are people all over the world accessing the content. So whenever a writer or filmmaker reaches out to me, I’m always happy to help them spread the word. Such is the case with this post. A filmmaker/musician from Osaka, Japan, Trip Shaffer (one half of Chibi MoKu), contacted me about a short twenty-minute film he shot and edited about the martial art called Wing Chun Kung Fu. It’s not the kind of thing I normally write about. But I took a look and found myself just sitting back and enjoying the visuals and soundtrack.

You can watch the film yourself. (Make sure you watch the film in full screen mode.)

Wing Chun sa Pilipinas – Golden Harvest in the Philippines – by Chibi Moku from Chibi Moku on Vimeo.

That’s the other great thing about the Internet. A filmmaker like Trip can put his film up on a site like Vimeo and with a little viral marketing can get people to view the film. If just one person reading this post takes the time to click the play button, that’s one person who may not have otherwise have seen the film. And that’s what it’s all about.


  1. Thanks a lot for this Emilio! This is such a nice article! Thanks for helping support indie docs, and best of luck to you and your great blog!!!!

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