Herbal Essences Makes Dumbest Commercial List

Few commercials are so bad that they make you cringe every time you see it, but this one from Herbal Essences fits that bill. First off, the whole fake orgasm bit isn’t creative, funny, or original. The entire commercial seems to be a rip off of the movie When Harry met Sally. Then there is […]

Dr. Scholls makes dumbest commercials list

So someone at Dr. Scholls hires an advertising agency to come up with a commercial. So the advertising company goes to work. They come up with an idea that once you try the new Dr. Scholls insert you’ll feel like a new person. They even come up with a slogan – A New You. So […]

Allstate gets first dumbest commercial nomination for 2012

I started this dumbest commercial category late last year and didn’t have enough contenders to announce a year’s worst. This year I’m sure I’ll have plenty of bad commercials to choose from. This one is from Allstate Insurance, the same company with the amusing Mayheim commercials. My guess is that this series of commercials is […]

Honda makes my list for dumbest commercials

Title Max was the first company to make my list of dumbest commercials. There have been a few others that have come real close. But I knew the first time I saw this commercial from Honda that it had to make my list. Now I don’t want to offend any Heypenny fans. I’m sure they’re […]

Title Max: Dumbest slogan ever

Now that I’m working in advertising I find myself studying and critiquing different types of advertisements. I mentioned how dumb I thought it was for a local grocery store to use a QR code in a TV ad in my article QR codes: The good, the bad, and the ugly. So I’ve decided to start a […]