Review of the Rio/Paris Crash

Review of The Rio/Paris Crash: Air France Flight 447 by Roger Rapoport Rating *** 1/2 Roger Rapoprt does a good job of covering events leading up to the accident and the subsequent search for the missing aircraft, but the book suffers from being rushed to publication before the final accident report was released. Writing a […]

The Tragedy of Air France Flight 447

I’ve been following this accident from the beginning, including speculating on the cause in my post What Happened to Air France 447. My theory about the accident was that the plane ran into severe weather and, as a result, most likely suffered an airframe malfunction. And until the black boxes were found that’s really all anyone […]

Air France black box found

After almost two years of searching, they’ve finally located and recovered the black box of Air France Flight 447. This is the flight that crashed in the Atlantic, killing all on board. You can read the full story at Investigators find Air France black box. There is going to be a lot of interest in […]

What happened to Air France Flight 447?

As news continues to trickle in about the Air France accident, more pieces of the puzzle emerge. Here’s what we know so far: No bodies have been found floating in the crash area (as of this writing); the ECAM alerting system automatically reported multiple failures prior to lost of contact (the Airbus has the capability of sending data on the aircraft’s systems directly to maintenance); there was severe weather in the area; there is a possibility of an explosion caused by a terrorist attack.