Review of Exit Through the Gift Shop

Review of Exit Through the Gift Shop written & directed by Bansky Rating *** 1/2 What is it that makes one work of art worth thousands of dollars and another similar work of art worth almost nothing? That is a question that has been addressed on this site a number of times. First there was […]

Catfish: Truth really is stranger than fiction

This film has been on my radar screen for a while. I knew I wanted to see it when I first heard about it. Then I saw a 20/20 or Dateline episode about the film and put the actual film on the back-burner. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m thinking it should have gotten a best documentary Oscar nod. It was that good.

Review of My Kid Could Paint That

The controversy at the center of this film is whether or not Marla’s father Mark helped Marla with the paintings either through coaching or by doing some of the paintings himself. The ride that Marla nd her parents go through is a prime example of how our society and the media in general is quick to put people on a pedestal only to take delight in knocking that person back down. But this is not Brittney Spears we’re talking about here, this is a four year old girl.

Review of “Who The #$&% is Jackson Pollock” by Harry Moses

Review of “Who The #%&% is Jackson Pollock” Rating **** When truck driver Teri Horton purchases a painting at a thrift store for $5 (she haggled it down from the original $8 asking price) she has no idea that she might have purchased an original Jackson Pollock painting worth as much as fifty million dollars. […]