Free eBook

I am looking for a few people to receive a free eBook in return for writing a review that mentions the device you read the book on. I need one or two people for each device: Kindle, Nook, iPad, other.

Everything Google

I recently bought three eBooks all dealing in some manner with Google. I read all three at the same time, letting the Kindle keep track of where I was in each book. Since I read all three books simultaneously and all three cover similar ground, I thought I’d comment on them together rather than separately.

Why bookstores matter

About sixty percent of the books I choose to read I learn about through reviews. Unfortunately, that means I miss a lot of great books. As it is now, only a small portion of the books published get reviewed. With newspapers and magazines reducing or cutting their book sections, there is even less chance for readers to learn about new books. That’s where the bookstore comes in. The other forty percent of the books I read I discover by browsing my local bookstore.