Review of Farmageddon

Review of Farmageddon written and directed by Kristin Canty Rating **** This film tells the story of how the USDA is using its power and resources to harm small farmers. This is a topic I have written about before. Mostly I have written about the harmful effects of the industrialization of food. It’s a topic covered […]

Chow Down documentary looks at government’s complicity in our nation’s health problems

Review of Chow Down Directed by Julia Grayer and Gage Johnston Rating *** 1/2 I just got back from grocery shopping today. I spent $140 for groceries for two people. While that’s a little higher than normal, the one thing different about this trip to the grocery store is that I returned with not a […]

A review of Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives written and directed by Lee Fulkerson rating *** 1/2 I first got tuned in to eating less meat as a way to better health after reading Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma and the documentary that followed called Food, Inc. Michael’s book was an eye opener. The topic of his book, however, was more […]

Review of The Botany of Desire DVD

This film was a PBS special. They could not have done a better job. Michael Pollan’s book covers the domestication of four plants: the apple tree, the tulip, cannabis, and the potato. This documentary takes the stories told in the book and brings them to life through interviews, images, and animation. Michael Pollan serves as the narrator. I liked Food, Inc. I liked this film even more.

Review of Food Inc.

The film touches on a number of important topics: The industrialization of food, inhumane treatment of animals, overuse of corn, health risks of meat factories, environmental impact of food production, lack of government oversight, obesity, organic food, genetically engineered seeds. There is so much to cover that no one topic gets the thorough examination that it deserves. The filmmakers spend even less time on discussing possible solutions. Note to some enterprising producer: there is enough material here for a four or five part series.

Review of The Botany of Desire

I first heard of this book from a friend who recommended it. It was described to me as an interesting book about flowers and plants. I can barely keep a potted plant alive, so this wasn’t a book that went to the top of my must read list. Then I read the book The Omnivore’s Dilema also by Michael Polan. That book is about the industrilization of food. I found that book so informative and well written that I decided to give his earlier book a try. I’m glad I did.

Review of The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Michael Pollan takes what could be a dry subject and makes it highly entertaining and informative. This should be required reading by everyone, especially if they work in goverment. Read this book. It will change the way you eat. I’ve already switched from regular eggs to buying only cage free, hormone free, organic eggs.